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The Travel Gallery is — as they say — under construction. That is, it's not nearly complete. Here is a list of places I've toured and have pictures for the gallery. I'm working on a variety of gallery styles, as I experiment with Web design for instruction purposes.

Arizona: Grand Canyon

California: LA

Colorado: Colorado Springs, Denver

England: Stonehenge, London, Glastonbury, Figheldean, Woodhenge.

Finland: Helsinki

Florida: University of Florida, Gainesville; St. Augustine, Bonita Springs, Silver Springs, Summer Haven, Lido Beach.

Indonesia: Bintan

Malaysia: Kuala Kampur; Bandar Penawar; Sibu Island, Mersing Johore

Nevada: Las Vegas

North Carolina: Beech Mountain

Phillipines: Manila

Scotland: Edinborough, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Jura, Inverness, Loch Lohman, Skye

Singapore: NUS, Kent Vale, Chinatown, Malay Museum and the city

Thailand: Bangkok

About the music: Ho Doi is a Vietnamese song about a young lover who is separated from her loved one by a wide and swift river. Yulara adds instrumental accompaniment to the traditional, a cappella style of Ho Doi (opens in a new window. Both versions of the song can be found on my website, Love Songs (opens in a new window).

(You can stop and restart the song here.)