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This week's lecture

Week 1 Aug. 15:

Introduction to Contemporary Public Relations:
Defining Public Relations

Practitioners of Public Relations: Roles, Salaries & Trends

Week 2 Aug. 22: Organizational Settings of Public Relations

Week 3 Aug. 29: Historical Origins of Public Relations

Week 4 Sept. 5:

Ethics and Professionalism; Corporate Social Responsibility

Week 5 Sept. 12

Week 6
-7 Sept. 19, Oct. 3:
First Exam

Legal Considerations, Locally & Internationally

Week 8 Oct. 10:

Theoretical Underpinnings: Adjustment and Adaptation
Communication: Persuasion and Public Opinion

Week 9 Oct. 17:

Week 10 Oct. 24

Internal Relations and Employee Communication

External Media, New Media and Media Relations

Second Exam: Review

Week 11 Oct. 31:

Defining Public Relations Problems: Research
Planning and Programming: Management

Week 12 Nov. 7:

More on Strategy

Taking Action and Communicating
Evaluating the Program: Accountability & Research

Week 13 Nov. 14:

Business and Industry
Government and Politics
Nonprofits, Trade Associations and Nongovernmental Organizations
International Public Relations

December 3,  9 a.m. Final Exam: Review

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